AIWIBI, belonging to Australia Aiwibi Baby Care Pty Ltd and Yifar Industrial and Trading ( Fuzhou) Co., Ltd, is specializing in providing the best products for babies. AIWIBI aims to provide more meticulous care for your babies, which has become the main motivation to drive AIWIBI moving forward.

From the beginning, AIWIBI has been devoting to improving its reputation and product innovation. AIWIBI is not only a brand, but more importantly, represents the attitude towards the responsibility in improving babies’ safety and all-round care.

Over the years, AIWIBI has been adhering to the concept that all babies deserve careful care and pure love without harm or danger. In order to achieve this goal, AIWIBI is committed to understanding the world of babies, identifying the needs of babies in a professional way, and maintaining the high quality of products. For instance, AIWIBI Baby Diapers and Baby Pants have passed the clinical test of Dermatest in Germany and are rated as “Excellent”, which is the highest quality test standard in the world from a safety point of view. Furthermore, it also obtained the certification of ISO9001, CE, GMPC, and FDA standards.

AIWIBI is on the way to be your first and best choice by always offering products and services more than your expectation.


Babies need meticulous care! This was the motivation behind Jenifer’s desire to launch Aiwibi. As an experienced newborn care specialist, Jenifer was well-informed on the vulnerabilities of newborns and the importance of keeping them healthy. She spent her free time studying baby products on the market, hoping to find ones that fit her philosophy of “meticulous care.” Her professional knowledge of baby products and newborn care prompted her to serve as a consultant in developing several baby product companies. But it wasn’t until she became a mother that Jenifer knew she needed to make a big change.

After the birth of her daughter, Jenifer’s heart was filled with new feelings. She felt not only a mother’s love for her child but also a strong desire to protect other newborns. This feeling deepened her understanding of the concept of “meticulous care” and further raised her standards for the quality, safety, and comfort of baby products. Dissatisfied with the baby products available, Jenifer decided to launch her own
business in 2013 with her friends in Hong Kong. She wanted to develop the best and healthiest nursing products using her knowledge as a newborn care specialist. She went back to Australia and reorganized a development team focused on improving and developing baby products with stricter standards, founding the brand – Aiwibi.

Aiwibi not only reflects Jenifer’s love for her daughter and her need to help newborns but also her philosophy of “meticulous care for babies.” She hopes to spread her
philosophy to others through her brand so that more newborn babies can receive meticulous care.Depending on the type of pet you have, their nutritional needs may vary. For example, cats are obligate carnivores and require a diet high in protein, while rabbits need a diet high in fiber. It's important to do your research and talk to your veterinarian to ensure you're feeding your pet the right type and amount of food.